Rules & Regulations

November 2021



  1. In these Rules and Regulations, the Expression "the Club" means the Selsey Country Club Limited and the expression "the Board" means the Board of Directors of the Club constituted and acting in accordance with the Articles of Association of Selsey Country Club Limited. The Board shall consist of Members elected as Directors of the Company at the Annual General Meeting.

Memberships and Subscriptions

  1. There shall be one class only of Membership of the Club in these Rules referred to as "Members".
  1. A person may not be admitted to Membership, or to the privileges of Membership, without an interval of at least 48 hours between the date the person is nominated, or applies, for Membership, and the date of admission to Membership with the required signatures of at least 2 of the Board of Directors. A person who applies for Membership without application or nomination will not be admitted to the privileges of Membership.
  1. A Member is a person who is the leasehold Owner of a Chalet or Chalets on the Chalet Site and other areas, and who is (if not an original lessee) elected upon the transfer to him of such site or sites PROVIDED that where the leasehold interest of a Chalet is vested in two or more persons as trustees or otherwise one only of such persons being the first named leaseholder (to be chosen by the Board if the joint purchasers are unable to decide as to who should be the Member) shall be eligible to be a Member and one other shall be eligible to be admitted as an Honorary Member without voting rights.

    For the avoidance of doubt a Member is a person who is the leasehold Owner of one or more Chalets and is restricted to one vote at any General Meeting of the Company or by proxy, irrespective of the number of Chalets leased. A person shall become a Member from the date denoted on their lease/counterpart lease or in the event of a transfer of a lease the date of completion of the purchase.
  1. A Member shall pay a one-off Entrance Fee of £420 including VAT upon election. In respect of each calendar year of membership an annual Site Fee to include ground rent shall be paid for each Chalet leased on the 31st January each year, but a special concession is available for payment by instalments subject to certain conditions on application to the General Manager.
  1. If a Member is elected during a calendar year the full Membership Entrance Fee shall be paid.
  1. The Board may at any time at its discretion increase the rate of Entrance Fee and annual Site Fee payable by the Member. The annual Site Fee will be set at a level deemed necessary to enable the Selsey Country Club Limited to meet its obligations, both in the short and long term. 

Privileges and Obligations of Members

  1. Upon payment of the Site Fee each calendar year a Member shall be entitled to use all roads and paths on the Selsey Country Club Site and the Club facilities and all amenities from time to time provided on the said Site, subject to taking all necessary steps to become and remain a Member of such Club as may for the time being manage such amenities.

8a. The current payment terms are as follows: 

Electricity Accounts:

Electricity is billed once per annum in October. This invoice is payable within 30 days of receipt. The bill is based on an actual reading of the chalets meter. These readings are done by the Maintenance Department or accepted from the Owner with a date stamped photograph of the meter reading.

Water Accounts:

Water is billed once annually with the site fees invoices issued in December of the prior year as per the Annual General Meeting of 2018. Water is billed on an estimate of the previous year's bill with consideration to normal annual increases and a credit/or additional charged passed based on the actual bills as of December 31 of the previous year. Payable by 31 st January.


This is billed once annually and appears on the Ancillary invoice with Water and Ground Rent. This is payable by 31 st of January. The invoice is based on the credit invoice received from the brokers.

Site Fees:

Invoiced usually in December payable by the 31 st of January of the following year or varied as follows:

  1. If paid using the Standing Order facility a fee is payable in addition to the amount of the loan. (6.5%)
  2. No cash is accepted at the office reception over £100
  3. There is no charge for payments made by debit/credit
  4. No piecemeal payments are acceptable.


Unpaid Site Fees:


  1. Any Site Fees unpaid by 31 st of December of the year following invoice except where other arrangements exist:

    Will automatically incur an additional 6.5% interest charge (over and above the initial 6.5% charge if a stop order is in place) on the outstanding amount at that date.

    The Debtors policy and procedures as amended by the Board of Directors in 2018 will apply in all instances with an arrears noted from 30 days onwards.

    Membership may be suspended and access to all the site's facilities may be restricted if the debtor's policy is not adhered to.

    If the Site Fee remain outstanding, Selsey Country Club may make legal applications to obtain a repossession order on the chalet. The leasehold interest will then be sold to recover any outstanding fees or Selsey Country Club may make legal arrangements to revoke the Membership of the Member in accordance with MAAOA.

  2. Payment terms as defined above supersede any existing reference elsewhere.
  1. Members shall comply in all respects with the terms of the Lease(s) under which they lease their Chalet(s) and with these Rules and Regulations from time to time prescribed by the Board regarding the use of the Site and the conduct of the Club. Alcohol is supplied only in the Club's licensed premises in accordance with sections 16 and 18 of the Licensing Act 2003.
  1. It shall be a strict obligation of every Member to pay the annual Site Fees to the Club on or before the due date as defined in clause 8a above. In the event of it being necessary for the Selsey Country Club Limited to pursue, with or without instructing solicitors, any Member for failure to comply with any requirements imposed under the terms of the Lease or under the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company or any Rules made thereunder or otherwise then the Member shall be liable for any legal or administrative fees incurred by the Club and shall further be liable to pay interest on any such sums outstanding twenty one days after same may have become due at the current 3 month LIBOR prevailing plus 5%.We sec have the right to disconnect electricity and water services (follolNing one month's written notice) as per terms of your lease.
  1. A Member or the occupiers of a chalet must deposit household refuse in sealed bags in the containers or receptacles on the site. Any refuse outside the normal household type i.e., sofas, fridges etc must not be left in the bin stores and if left the chalet Owner will be charged for the cost of removal at a minimum fee of £100.
  1. A Member shall keep the chalet and all parts thereof and all fixtures and fittings therein in a good and tenantable state of repair decoration and condition throughout the term of the lease and shall yield up same at the determination of the term in such good and tenantable state of repair and condition and in accordance INith the aforesaid.
  1. A Member failing to comply with repairing or decorating covenants INithin one months of receiving a written notice from the Club will be liable to pay to the Club the costs incurred in executing the works on their behalf.
  1. A Member shall not install or have installed any underground cabling or pipe work without the written consent of the Club.
  1. The Member shall not make any structural alterations to the chalet nor at any time erect a new building nor make any alterations or additions in or to the Chalet externally without the previous written consent of the Club, which will not be unreasonably withheld and if at any time there shall be occasion to rebuild or replace the structure on the Chalet Site by reason of destruction by fire or otherwise it shall be rebuilt or replaced according to the original plan and specifications updated to encompass current building regulations or with such modifications thereto as shall be previously approved by the Club. Doors, door frames and window frames shall be in colours approved by the Club.
  1. A Member may construct or purchase a wooden shed complying with the specifications approved by Chichester District Council and must be sited in an area designated by the Company. Plastic shed with the same dimensions are acceptable. Double sheds are acceptable within the exact specifications (i.e: the equivalent of 2 woodsheds side by side). The current designated placing is the side of the chalet.
  1. A Member may increase the size of their patio from two slabs wide. The new patio on chalets originally built as two bed-roomed can extend the width of the chalet and to the rear of the chalet in front of it to a maximum of 4 slabs, however the height of the new patio cannot raise higher than the foundation line of the chalet in front. All Members must request in writing if they wish to increase their patios.
  1. Entrance Fees, Site Fees, Temporary Memberships, electricity accounts and charges for the supply of goods and services are liable to VAT at the prevailing rate.
  1. These Rules may from time to time be altered by resolution of the Committee, subject to the provision of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Selsey Country Club Limited.


Chalet Protocol

  1. No tents, sheds (unless previously authorised), lean-tos or awnings shall be erected on the Site. Only temporary use of a gazebo is permitted.
  1. No television aerials or satellite dishes shall be erected without the written consent of the Club which will not be unreasonably refused.
  1. Under no circumstances may full sized rotary clothes driers, washing lines, trees, hedges, or fencing be used for hanging out washing, bathing costumes, towels, etc. Freestanding rotary clothes driers up to one metre in height used behind windbreaks and dismantled at night are allowed.
  1. Young persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to occupy the chalet without an adult being present also.
  1. Chalet Owners are responsible and liable for the conduct of their guests and visitors who should be fully informed of these Rules and Regulations by the Owner, a copy of these Rules and Regulations must be available in every chalet. Family members under the age of 18 are not permitted to occupy the chalet unsupervised.
  1. No Chalets are to be rented out to persons under 18 years of age. 
  1. All Chalet Owners who rent out their chalets to the General Public must ensure their chalets are compliant with all legislative requirements regarding Health and Safety. All details of rentals must be made available to the Site office prior to arrival and the Rentals are to be made aware of the site rules, H&S/Evacuation procedure) prior to arrival by the member renting the chalet out (a copy of the Site rules including Health & Safety/evacuation procedure to be in the chalet. Renters must check into the office within 24 hours of arrival to make themselves known to the site staff. This shall also be the case of any member's family/friends using the chalet if the primary member(s) are not present. 
  1. Musical instruments, Record/CD/DVD players, Televisions and Radios or Music Centre's must not be audible outside the chalet between 11.00pm and 8.00am and the occupiers must always conduct themselves with due regard to the comfort of others.
  1. No more than six persons, excluding a baby in a cot, or such smaller number as may be specified by individual owners shall occupy a Chalet.
  1. A member shall not affix or display any notice on the chalet (up to an A3 sized notice of sale excepted) or on any part of the site except notices approved by the General Manager and placed on the Members notice board.
  1. Hot work permits are to be obtained from the office before any works are done on the chalet that involves heat. Failure to obtain a hot work permit could invalidate your insurance cover in the event of a claim.
  1. No building works/patios are to be undertaken between the last bank holiday weekend of May until the 15th of September without the written consent of the Company and can only be agreed to if essential works are deemed appropriate in line with insurance requirements.
  1. Any building works by either an owner or contractor to be completed in the open season can only be completed between the permissible dates, which are between; 01 st March and the last BH weekend in May, & 15th September to 31 st October only, unless otherwise permitted as Chalet Protocol 12 above Must be completed between the following hours; Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00 - 18.00 and Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00.

    And in the closed season; Monday to Friday 9.00 - 16.00 and Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 16.00. All Chalet owners must make any contractors aware of these restrictions. 
  1. That all disputes, allegations, and complaints be registered in the complaints book in the office reception, or no further action will be taken.

General Conduct

  1. Turf, trees, bushes, and hedges must not be disfigured or broken.

  2. 1 Ball games may not be played in the space between chalets, except by children under 5 years of age. No games with hard balls (e.g: golf balls or cricket balls) may be played within the Site. No ball games are to be played anywhere on site before 9.00 a.m. or after dusk.
  1. Both adults and children must use the footpaths provided and are not to walk in front of or around Chalets other than those occupied by themselves, unless invited to do so. Push bikes and other modes of transport MAY NOT be used on the grass unless with express permission of the Management.
  1. Whilst a Security Officer may from time to time be employed with a view to safeguarding the property of Occupiers, the Club will not be responsible for any injury suffered by an Occupier, member of their family or visitor, nor for any loss of, or damage to, any property of whatever nature belonging to an Occupier or such other person.
  1. Bullying, harassment and/or discrimination of the Site staff, owners or visitors can result in the offending party/parties invoking the warning procedures or banning procedures as decided by the Board of Directors see Clause 22 below. Visitors may be asked to vacate the site immediately.
  1. The Site Disciplinary Rules shall be activated in the event of foul, abusive and threatening language used on site, theft of goods and sweets from the Bars or Shop, underage use of gambling machines, causing malicious damage, causing mischief, causing a nuisance to others, misbehaviour late at night, and all the other activities listed in these Rules and Regulations, but not restricted to same or unknowingly disobeying Site Rules and Regulations.
  1. The taking of or dealing in illegal substances on or within the grounds of the Club is a criminal offence. Those caught offending will receive an immediate lifetime ban from the Site as per Resolution number 9 of the Annual General Meeting July 13th 2019 and will be reported immediately to the Police who may prosecute.
  1. Smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces become illegal after the introduction of the smoking ban on the 1st July 2007. Failure to observe the no smoking signs will activate the site disciplinary procedures. Failure to comply with the law is a criminal offence. Fixed penalty notices, prosecution and conviction by a court are the penalties that could be imposed.
  1. No flammable liquids or substances may be stored in the Chalet. LPG cylinders of not more than 15Kg in size may be stored in the wooden shed, so long as the shed is well ventilated. An HSE information sheet on the use of LPG in small containers is available from Reception.
  1. The length of any ban from the Site shall be decided by the Board of Directors who shall consider any representation made by the Member. In addition, as per Resolution number 7 of the Annual General Meeting of July 13th 2019 - A Member has right of Appeal whereas an appeals panel shall be made up of 3 past Board Members, one chosen by the Board of Directors, one chosen by the Appellate and one chosen by lot. This panel should sit within fourteen (14) days of a written appeal to the General Manager or Board of Directors.
  1. Fighting in either licensed premises will result in both/all parties being given an automatic threemonth ban (pending investigation and ratification of the sentence by the Board of Directors) which could be extended from 4 to 24 months from all amenities.
  1. Accessing Site facilities which include but are not restricted to the Cabana Club, the Golf Course & Clubhouse, the Swimming Pool, the Shop, the Tennis Courts, the Playground, the Football Pitch, the Bowling Green and Bowling Green Clubhouse and any of the Site Workshops whilst they are closed will result in an automatic three-month ban from the Site. Privately owned Chalets are not Site facilities but occupying them when the Site is closed will contravene your lease agreement and will result in the possible removal of Membership.
  1. Consuming alcohol in either licensed premise after the designated closing time is a criminal offence and will result in an automatic three-month ban from the Site which may be extended after discussion by the Board. The premises currently licensed are the Cabana Club and Golf Club.


  1. No person under 14 will be allowed in the adult bar area at any time unless a Temporary Event Notice has been granted or with the express permission of the General Manager/Licence Holder. No person 14 and 15 years old will be allowed at any time of the day into the adult bar area of the Cabana Club without being accompanied by a parent or on a one-to-one basis with a responsible adult aged over 16. This adult is then responsible for the behaviour of that young person whilst in the club.
  1. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied in the Cabana Club (generally) by a parent, or responsible adult aged over 16, at all times as per the EGM on 30th August 2019 in addition, no children to be unaccompanied roaming around the site after 10.30pm. They must either be at their chalet, at the Club or Teenagers in the Teens Room. The Young Peoples Code of Conduct currently displayed in the Cabana Club details consequences should these rules be disregarded.
  1. Children under 16 using the Swimming Pool or in the Pool area must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person aged over 16 at all times.
  1. Any adult purchasing or supplying alcoholic drinks for consumption by a person of less than 18 years of age or any person with a current ban from the facility will receive an immediate minimum three-month ban from both licensed premises (which may be extended after investigation) and will be reported to the Police who may prosecute for supplying alcohol to underage persons.
  1. No building materials of any kind are to be put into the refuse containers, and anybody found doing so will be invoiced for the cost of removal of same as the local authorities will not remove the bins if materials of this kind are found. A fine may also be imposed as per the Board of Directors in this regard as per the Annual General Meeting of July 13th, 2019.


  1. In the approach lane to the Site, the speed of car, motorcycles or other vehicles must not exceed 15mph. The speed limit on the site is 10 mph and must be observed at all times.
  1. A one-way traffic system is in operation on the Site any member or guest failing to adhere to this will activate the Club's Disciplinary Procedures.
  1. A number of parking bays may be provided by the company for the use of all Blue Badge (disabled) permit holders for short term use only.
  1. Subject to space being available each Chalet is entitled to one parking bay. During periods when there are plenty of parking bays available then two or more bays may be used. No Chalet Owner or occupier of the Chalet has the right to leave a stationery vehicle in a parking bay for a continuous period in excess of three weeks without seeking the approval of the General Manager.
  1. The Company reserves the right without notice to remove from the site any vehicle which contravenes any of these Regulations. Any charges incurred with such removal shall be paid by the member concerned.
  1. Electric vehicles (excluding invalid carriages) that do not comply with the provisions of the road traffic act are not allowed to be used on the site. Invalid carriages that are road legal must be correctly taxed and insured for road use.
  1. Bicycles must not be ridden on the grass; footpaths etc and persons using the Site roads must at all times obey the Highway Code and the one-way system on site. Electric Scooters are currently nor permissible. Electric bikes/Segways are to be used on roads ONLY and at no time permissible on the grass between chalets. No persons under 11 years of age may make use of electric bikes or Segways. Segway's and electric bikes may not under any circumstances carry passengers.

  2. Vehicles must be parked according to the instructions of the General Manager or the Site Staff, and vehicle drivers must observe the conditions contained within these Rules and Regulations. Invalid/Mobility Scooters may be parked on patios. No other vehicles including motor bikes can be parked on patios or pathways or grass with the exception of Mobility Scooter/Invalid Carriages.
  1. All motor vehicles used and/or left on Site must be fully taxed and insured in accordance with the law that governs the use of a motor vehicle on a public highway. Arrangements must be made to leave a vehicle on Site during the closed season. These arrangements require the consent of the General Manager.
  1. No vehicles are to be parked or driven onto the grass without the prior consent of the General Manager or Site Staff.

    42a. No vehicles shall be parked on the double yellow or yellow zig zag lines. Motor vehicles and bicycles must display adequate lighting in accordance with the Highway Code from lighting up time; bicycles ridden around the Site after lighting up time with no lights will be placed in a safe storage area by the Security Officer or a member of the Site Staff.
  1. Boats and Jet Skis on or off trailers may not be parked on the Site, but may, subject to available space be parked in designated parking allocated by the General Manager for a pre-arranged fee and on a short-term basis only. This on a first come first served basis.
  1. No vehicles more than 5 metres in length may be parked on the Site. Vehicles more than 5 metres in length may subject to the appropriate authority being given and space being available, be left at the Golf Club car park.
  1. Winnebago's and/or Camper Vans more than 5 metres in length are not allowed to be parked on the Site. Any vehicles of up to 5 metres in length may be parked on the Site but must not be occupied whilst parked.
  1. Trailers or any other attachment must be unhitched from the vehicle and parked in a separate bay if space available or parked in the boat park situated next to the Golf Club car park if being left, subject to space being available.
  1. Driving on the Site whilst under the influence of an excess of alcohol and or drugs is not allowed and is an offence under the Road Traffic Act that may result in prosecution by the constabulary.
  1. All work vans must be parked in the swimming pool area if their length is equal to or grater than 5 meters.


  1. No dogs or other animals may be brought on to the Site under any circumstances without written permission from the Club. There is currently no annual fee payable for this as per the Annual General Meeting of September 2016. This, on condition that the Chalet Owner gives a written undertaking to always keep the animal under control (on a lead), but which may be revoked at any time. Dogs must be exercised outside of the Site. This concession is granted to Chalet Owners and the Dogs of Friends and Family ONLY. No rentals may bring their pets onto site at any time. If a rental does bring any pets on to site, they will be asked to leave immediately. A maximum of two dogs per chalet only. All dogs to be registered and have the required identity tags on their collars whilst on the site.

The Rife

  1. Chalet owners, visitors and tenants should be aware that the Rife contains very deep water and that they pass through the gates at their own risk. The gates must be closed and locked as you enter or leave the Rife. The notices displayed by each gate should be obeyed children under the age of 13 must be always accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over. Failure to abide by the safety notices displayed could result in an immediate ban from the Site facilities.
  1. Fishing in the Rife requires a National Rod License and a License (Permit) from the Club as is subject to the rules that are clearly displayed by the entrance gates to the Rife. Children under 13 do not require a rod licence but must be registered as Fishing Club Members with the office and are required to have basic fishing skills and be accompanied by an adult.

The Board reserves the right to vary, cancel and/or substitute all or any of the above regulationswithout prior notice.

These Rules and Regulations are to be read in conjunction with the Lease that applies to the Chalet Plot, the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, Site Disciplinary Rules, Complaints Procedure and Code of Practice for those involved with Children.

By Order of the Board

Please note that Setsey Country Club Limited accepts no responsibility for the safety or welfare of any person and/or the loss or damage of their personal effects whilst on Site.