LSBC Bye-Laws

1: The Club shall be known as LITTLE SPAIN BOWLING CLUB.
2: The aim of the club shall be to further the game of Bowling as a recreation and sport.
3: The Club shall be affiliated to Bowls England and Sussex County Bowls:
4: All games shall be played under the World Bowls: Laws of the sport of Bowls:
Management of the club shall be vested in a Committee, who will all be members of Little Spain Bowling
Club, consisting of a Chairman, WHO will be a Chalet Owner or his/her spouse, and not more than NINE
others, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Green Ranger, Catering Representative, plus
General Committee Members. The current Club Captain will be invited with Voting Rights, plus a Secretary
with No Voting Rights. Two members will resign each year, in the order listed above, and be eligible for reelection.
Committee nominations must be received by the secretary 14 days before the Annual General
Meeting, with a proposer and seconder. Ideally lady members will be represented by having at least two
ladies on the committee. Five members shall form a quorum. The Chairman may vote on all matters and, in
the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. In the event that a Committee cannot be
formed in full at an Annual General Meeting, the duly elected Committee members may, before the next
Annual General Meeting, and at their discretion, co-opt one or more members of the Bowling Club onto the
Committee, so long as the above numeric criteria is followed, with full voting rights. Any Committee
members co-opted in such a way must stand down at the next Annual General Meeting following their cooption,
and if eligible stand for re-election. The Club shall elect an Honorary President who would be
invited to attend Committee meetings but with No Voting Rights.
6: A General Meeting of members of the Bowling Club shall be held annually by 20th April. Members will
be notified of the Annual General Meeting at least 21 days before the proposed meeting. Nominations in
writing for the Committee Officials, Chairman, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary, Green
Ranger, Catering Representative, General Committee Members, plus a Club Captain and Secretary, for the
next season shall be received by the secretary by the end of the previous playing season. Any member
wishing to move a resolution at either an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting shall
give notice to the secretary not less than 28 days before the date of the meeting to enable the secretary to
notify members when convening the meeting. Such motions shall be voted on by a show of hands unless
those present should vote that the motion should be the subject of a postal vote by all members.
7: A Special General Meeting shall be called:
a) whenever the Bowling Committee deem it desirable:
b) by the Secretary on receiving a request in writing by at least 20% of members specifying the purpose of
the proposed meeting.
8: MEMBERSHIP OF THE CLUB (upon payment of current subscription)
Selsey Country Club Chalet Owners and spouses, their numbers without restriction. ALL OTHERS, whose
maximum number shall not exceed 100, will be interviewed by the Committee before acceptance.
To encourage interest in the game of bowls, Junior players from the age of 10 until they reach the age of 18
may become Junior members of the Bowling Club providing they are accompanied by a full LSBC member,
responsible for them AT ALL TIMES. Their joining fee shall be 40% of either Chalet/normal subscription.
Junior members will not be permitted to invite guests to bowl on the green. They may play in all tournaments
on payment of the full competition fee. They may also play in all matches and competitions. Junior
members will not be entitled to vote at meetings.
10: CASUAL PLAYERS (upon payment of the current green fee), the following may use the green, to a
maximum of 5 times per season, except 10b who have NO restrictions)
The Following, not accompanied by a LSBC member, must gain permission from SCC office to use the
green & equipment
a: Guests of members (limited to 2 per member)
b: Competent Bowlers who are occupants of Chalets… (Owners, Owners Guests/ Chalet rentals)
c: Junior players from 10 to 18 years old, who must be accompanied by a Little Spain Bowling Club
Member who will be responsible for their conduct.
d: Any others at the COMMITTEE’S discretion.
11: The annual subscription shall be decided by the Board of Directors of Selsey Country Club.
12: No member shall be allowed to take part in any competition or Club match until subscriptions are paid.
13: All subscriptions shall be due, not later than the start of the Annual General Meeting, or immediately on
acceptance into membership.
14: Members whose subscriptions are unpaid after the A.G.M. shall, subject to the discretion of the
Committee, forfeit all rights and privileges of membership of the Bowling Club.
15: All subscriptions and green fees collected shall become the property of the Selsey Country Club.
Casual wear, except for JEANS & VESTS, is acceptable, but more formal bowls dress may be required for
certain days and competitions. Shoes MUST be flat soled and heel-less, and approved by the Green Keeper/
Green Ranger. Club members must wear bowling shoes. On ‘Club Days’ (usually Saturday afternoons)
required dress for members shall be grey and white or all white. Members may wear grey or white shorts
with grey or white socks. Whites will be worn in matches against other clubs unless otherwise stated.
In the event of a breach of discipline, a member will be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing of the
Bowls Club Committee. During suspension all club facilities will be withdrawn from that member. In the
event of expulsion of a member by a disciplinary Committee Hearing, He/She will be permanently excluded
from the Bowling Area and Club Pavilion.
18: All playing members will be entitled to wear the Club Tie and Badge and Scarf or Flash for Ladies.
19: All members of LITTLE SPAIN BOWLING CLUB shall be bound by the BYE-LAWS.
20: The financial year shall be from 1st January to 31st December following.
21: The Green Keeper/Green Ranger shall decide whether the green is fit for play.
22: All Club Trophies shall permanently remain the property of the club and must be returned to the
Committee at least one week before the next year's Finals.
23: The overall management of the Club shall be vested in the Board of Directors of Selsey Country Club
24: ONLY Selsey Country Club voting Members, who are also Little Spain Bowling Club Members may
vote on any Constitutional matters.